Tasty Cloud Classic Dragonaire eJuice

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Dragonaire eJuice by Tasty Cloud Classic brings the powerful flavors of frosty dragon fruit, frozen cantaloupe..

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Dragonaire eJuice by Tasty Cloud Classic brings the powerful flavors of frosty dragon fruit, frozen cantaloupe, and chilled watermelon into one delicious e-liquid. Feast on the icy fruits of winter that promise to refresh your taste buds with a single puff. This cold and sweet vape juice comes in 100mL bottles and is available at Cheap eJuice in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine varieties.

Dragonaire eJuice by Tasty Cloud Classic

Brand: Tasty Cloud | Bottle Size: 120ml | Flavor Type: Menthol

Release your inner fruit dragon with this sensational frozen fruit e-liquid called Dragonaire eJuice by Tasty Cloud Classic! Our frosty fruit journey begins in the heart of winter, where fierce winds whip around us and demand we return to the cozy comfort of home. Determined to harvest the finest frozen fruits of the season, we set out to find the perfect frosty fruits to transform into a sweet and icy vape juice. We discovered a field of frozen dragon fruits, gleaming a rich pink and green against the pure white snow. We plucked these frosty fruits from their branches and filled up our bags with the icy fruit.

Next, we trekked onwards until we discovered a field of frosty cantaloupes and chilly watermelon. The melons looked like fallen snowmen, each swollen fruit completely covered with several inches of snow. We rolled the frosty melons all the way back to our vape kitchen and set the melons and dragon fruits in front of a roaring fire, in hopes that they would thaw. However, the frosty flavor of winter stubbornly remained in each fruit. Instead of tossing the frozen fruits aside, we decided to crush them into a deliciously refreshing vape juice. Enjoy a premium blend of frozen dragon fruits, icy cantaloupes, and chilled watermelon in every puff of Dragonaire eJuice by Tasty Cloud Classic, available today at Cheap eJuice!

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