Coastal Clouds TFN Salts Strawberry Kiwi eJuice

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Treat your taste buds and pod system to Coastal Clouds Salt TFN Strawberry Kiwi, and explore how strawberry an..

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Treat your taste buds and pod system to Coastal Clouds Salt TFN Strawberry Kiwi, and explore how strawberry and kiwi flavors come together in perfect harmony with each puff. This mouthwatering vape juice is now available at Cheap eJuice in inexpensive 30mL bottles.

Strawberry Kiwi by Coastal Clouds Salt TFN

Brand: Coastal Clouds Size: 30ml Flavor: Fruit

Coastal Clouds Salt TFN Strawberry Kiwi is perfect for low-wattage vapers who love ripe fruit flavors in their pod or pod tank. This fusion of fresh strawberry and exotic kiwi flavors is sure to satisfy any cravings for something sweetly sour. What’s even better is that the tobacco free nicotine salt formula allows vape users to enjoy an even purer, smoother taste of this fruit flavored combination from one puff to the next.

The mixologists didn’t have to travel far to create this refreshing vape juice. They imported fuzzy kiwis from France, and, as they were waiting for their order to be delivered, they headed out to the local berry patch to pick up bushels of the sweetest strawberries they could find. Their efforts didn’t need to last long since they almost immediately found the ripest strawberries in the patch, plucking them off their stems and placing them into the baskets they had brought with them. While they admired the juicy red fruits as they harvested them, their mouths watered even more at the thought of finally combining them with the tropical kiwis. They arrived back at the vape lab to find that their tangy kiwis had arrived. They greedily grabbed their package and juiced the fruits together for maximum flavor, adding in a dash of tobacco free nicotine salt to their concoction. Pick up 30mL bottles at 35mg and 50mg tobacco free nicotine salt strength of Coastal Clouds Salt TFN Strawberry Kiwi at Cheap eJuice and stick to your budget today!


Warning: This product is not meant for use in devices that reach sub-ohm resistance. We recommend this liquid to be used in vape pod systems and ultra low-output atomizers/mods. Every salt nic juice contains significantly higher levels of nicotine per milliliter, optimal for beginners or experienced vapers looking for a travel-friendly experience.

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